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Wyndham Garden Hotel

600 E. McElroy

Stillwater, OK

(580) 628-0713

About Funnies Comedy Club

Funnies Comedy Club was founded by Jared Cranke, a Stillwater businessman, and Rob Neville, a local stand-up comic. The duo have been producing comedy shows together in bars and other venues since 2008. In 2010, they had an opportunity to produce at least four consecutive monthly shows at the Stillwater Plaza Hotel. The first show was well-received and an anticipation for the second show was building when the Oklahoma Tax Commission sealed the doors of Brannigan's, the club inside Stillwater Plaza that would provide food and drinks for the comedy shows. Without adult beverages, Cranke and Neville chose to cancel the remaining shows in 2010 and reconsider their plan.

After tossing around the idea of a full-time comedy club in Stillwater, Cranke and Neville decided the area was not quite ready for a full-time location and decided to try to secure another venue for their monthly shows, but on their terms. Finally, they found a venue at the Quality Inn and began producing monthly comedy shows in January 2011. In April of that same year, Cranke and Neville decided to give their shows a name and Funnies Comedy Club was born.

Two years later, a unique opportunity arose to bring them back to where their comedy venture was born. Under new ownership and a different name, the Wyndham Garden Hotel, formerly Stillwater Plaza, welcomed Funnies Comedy Club back in early 2013. In early 2015, Neville left Funnies Comedy Club to pursue more comedy opportunities around the region. Cranke continues to manage all aspects of Funnies Comedy Club currently.

Cranke is looking forward to the day that Funnies Comedy Club turns into a full-time operation, but until then, he looks forward to growing the audience and keeping Stillwater laughing one night at a time.