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Inside the

Wyndham Garden Hotel

600 E. McElroy

Stillwater, OK

(580) 628-0713

Our Partners

Funnies Comedy Club would like to thank our partners who have made our success even better:

Searching for Red Productions
Searching for Red Productions is a full-service marketing and public relations company based in Stillwater, OK. Created by the Funnies co-founding partner Jared Cranke in 1999, Searching for Red Productions can offer their award-winning graphic design, web design and printing services to any business or group, big or small. Contact them today for more information or visit

Wyndham Garden
Wyndham Garden, 600 East McElroy, is the NEW official hotel of the Funnies - Stillwater. All of the Funnies regular productions in Stillwater are held in the Wyndham Garden Ballroom. Call (405) 377-7010 to book your next hotel reservation in Stillwater. Mention the Funnies and receive a special discount, just for our fans.

Brannigan's Bar & Grill
Brannigan's, inside the Wyndham Garden, is the official after-party location for the Funnies. After each Stillwater production, you can meet the comedians, have a drink and enjoy the friendly smoke-free atmosphere. Brannigan's is open Monday through Saturday 5pm-midnight (or later). For more information, find them on Facebook.

Eskimo Joe's, Mexico Joe's and Joseppi's
Stillwater's Three Amigos have long been a staple of local destinations for for residents and visitors to our friendly community.  All of our comedians are treated to a complimentary meal at one of their restaurants. Thanks to all the managers who make this happen! Visit them online at,, or