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Inside the

Wyndham Garden Hotel

600 E. McElroy

Stillwater, OK

(580) 628-0713

Audience Reviews

We always have comment cards on the table during shows. These are just a few comments that we have gotten:

"I just moved here from Chicago and this was better than many shows I saw in comedy clubs there!"

"Both guys were so fu**in' funny! Best birthday ever!"

"Great show. Laughed til it hurt!" "LaVantor was awesome. More in his style would be great!"

"Awesome!! Both acts!! Thank you!" "Enjoyed the show. Great job." "Awesome and very funny."

"Great show." "Awesome s**t!" "Fun!! Thanks." "Funny s**t!" "Fu**in' funny!" "Best show yet!!!"

"Jared (Cranke) is a God!"

What Comedians Have Said About Our Room

VERY nice set-up! Well organized and promoted. It's a college town, but not a crowd full of college kids - there was an evenly balanced cross-section of the population there & they were ready to laugh. They were so fun, I ended up doing an hour and fifteen 'cause it felt like the time just shot by. I sold a s**tload of merch and had a ball in the bar after the show. Very nice people. Highly recommended. -- Chad Riden

This is the best one-night room I have ever seen... and I run one! -- Brad Chad Porter

Good job. Thank you. -- Kyle Kubiak

These guys really do a nice job of making you feel welcome and do a terrific job of seeing to it that the show is run right. The room runs 100 plus per show and the audience is there for comedy. I recommend the room highly if you have a hole in your schedule. I've worked with Rob (Neville) many times over the years and he is one of the good guys. He's a comic so his room is shown the attention that only a working comic would consider. -- Brent Dawson

Great room: 1) Good sound system, acoustics and candle-lit table arrangement; 2) audience seated from front to back (vs. just milling in and scattering themselves throughout the room); 3) Rob does a great job warming up the room quickly (which means Feature doesn't take the cold-stage bullet); 4) cranked-music segues allowing comics to seamlessly park their stuff and take the stage; 5) verbal and visual cues to prepare audience and set expectations (e.g., posters as you enter club clarify a) adult language/topics and b) comics might poke fun at you and c) keep your mouth shut during show); 6) great merch sales! Not a typical one-nighter -- it's one show in a professionally-run comedy club setting. -- Susan Freeman

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of working Funnies Comedy Club in Stillwater, OK. One nighters are all too often less than enjoyable but I have to say I was impressed. Rob & Jared did a great job running the room, the the comp meal at the restaurant near campus was great. The crowd was older, year round residents and they were nothing short of amazing. I had a blast and would suggest anyone that can fit it in during a run I would check into it. -- Jason James


I just headlined Funnies this weekend and both nights went great. We sold out Saturday night and had over 200 there. The people at the shows seemed excited that they had comedy to go to. Sound, lighting, etc. was all in good shape. They do a really good job of promoting too, there were posters and articles and such (one of the managers is a printer/publisher so that helps). You get to do a full hour too so that's cool. Bar tab, food vouchers are also helpful. They even helped me set up a book signing at the local bookstore. Thumbs up! -- Rob Durham


I played there with Brent Dawson a couple of weeks ago and everything went as promised. Two shows on one Friday - 170 at first show and about 75 at the second with an appreciative audience ready to laugh. The show was in a hotel ballroom with the stage, sound and lighting just like an everyday club. I liked the way all the tables had the seating facing the stage and nobody had an obstructed or bad view. You'd think with all the cowboy hats in Stillwater that might be a problem, but it wasn't. Give credit to Rob and Jared for knowing how to run a show. They even had a very opportune exit spot for merchandising. I recommend Funnies as a fun experience. -- Stan Silliman


Just worked Funnies last week and wish everyone ran their shows this well. I love working for people that treat the business as a business, a trend that is sadly lacking but Rob and Jared promote, advertise and work at putting a good show together and it was a blast. The crowds were wonderful, attentive and respectful and I heard from quite a few of them on FB after working the room. Even better than the room was how easy Rob was to deal with and being a comic, I know he gets that as well. -- Darryl Rhoades


I just had the pleasure of headlining Funnies this past Saturday and it is probably one of the best run one-nighters I have done. It has a lot to do with the fact Rob is a comic himself. He and Jared are and were very attentive to our needs! They cared about the business of comedy and the comics! It showed without saying. Nice hotel, nice crowds, and I would definitely recommend doing this room! He earned my respect as a booker! Side note... we used the food voucher that is given to the comics upon arrival at a restaurant near by. We go in and what do I see? Advertisements of the show in the local entertainment magazine Jared owns and operates sitting on a news stand. Flyers and various types of advertisements were everywhere as they should be! Great job fella's!! -- Amaru